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Instant Show and Tell

This is what happens when you forget to close the garage door overnight and there is road salt residue on the floor: Actually, I kinda envy his way of dealing…View post

Food Critic

Made punjabi curried kidney beans. 5 y.o. asks for thirds, says “This time it doesn’t taste like laundry detergent.”

Motivational Shrieker

“You can’t WISH it to happen, you have to MAKE it happen.” Me, to my five-year-old, on the subject of getting your socks on. Finally those old Tony Robbins cassettes…View post

The Old Green Chair

Sometime back in the 1990s I scuffed my knuckles getting it out of grandma’s basement. I remember clambering on it at Christmas when I was a tot. Now I share…View post

Creative Space

Back home. Writing in the room over the garage. Had some company.