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Todays Grateful Tweet

Wrote in deer stand last night, buck spooked by daughter singing as she gathered eggs = I have all good things in proximity. #gratitude

Leader of Chickens

I usually don’t post pictures of my daughters (writing about them is enough invasion of their privacy) but enough time has passed on this one that I think it’s OK.…View post

Late Parenting Lesson

And still learning it: In the midst of parenting worries, so often it’s the kids themselves who lend me the gravity required to pull myself together.

Tall Versus Small

The five-year old this morning: “Big people can’t judge little people.” She offered this not as a tantrum-fueled retort but rather as a thoughtful observation, so I just said “Hmm…”…View post

Miscellaneous Today

Friend in iffy band situation says: β€œIt’s like dating a flaky hot girl – you just enjoy the time you have.” Says the five-year-old after watching Dad struggle along: “Jogging…View post