Beagle Making Me Grin

So last night was the final class of our required biannual emergency first responder refresher course.  These days I am privileged to be answering calls with the Emergicare division of our local Township Fire Department, but the only refresher that fit my schedule was the one up in New Auburn, with my old Population 485 crew.  So it’s been fun.  A goofball reunion of sorts.

My good friend, neighbor, and butcher, Bob the One-Eyed Beagle was in fine form last night.  He informed me that yesterday someone came by the meat market with a bunch of books and asked him to sign each one of’em.  He got a big kick out of that.  Then he told the story of how he hauled an old defunct TV to the recycling center the other day.  He says he stopped at the cafe and one of the regulars asked him why he had a TV in the back of his pickup.  “I told him I was trying to get the Outdoor Channel!” said Beagle.

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