“Somewhere South of Sunday” Live at The Stoughton Opera House

Back in 2022 Mike and the Long Beds rambled down to The Stoughton Opera house to share Mike’s songs (described as “roughneck ballads and freight train rockers”) and hilarious off-the-cuff tales of a Wisconsin farm kid turned cowboy turned nurse turned best selling author and humorist (as featured on the recent PBS special Michael Perry: On the Road).

The great folks in Stoughton filmed the show, including this rendition of Mike’s tune “Somewhere South of Sunday.” As you’ll see, the band always has fun with this one–especially when Mike sings about crying in his beer (he’s never had a beer), the “MAN ALIVE!” bit (which was not in the original lyrics but grew out of a chance holler), and that showdown at the end to see who can hold the final note the longest.

Both Mike and the band return to the Opera House in 2024. You can enjoy Mike’s solo humor show Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 7:30 PM (grab your tickets here) and then see the Long Beds on Thursday, April 18, 2024 at 7:30 PM (grab your tickets here). If you’ve never experienced a show at The Stoughton Opera House, it definitely needs to be on your list of classic Wisconsin theaters (a highlight of Mike’s year was explaining to a Hollywood producer over Zoom that, yes, we have opera houses in Wisconsin).

If you want to catch the band sooner than next year, roll on up to Minneapolis for their November 12th show at Icehouse MPLS (event details can be found here).

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