Indies, Self-Publishing, and Gratitude

These days I take a hybrid approach to publishing. I have one book under contract with a “legacy” publisher that has been good to me over many decades and many titles (Population 485 in print with them for 20 years now) and one with an exciting new top-tier publisher (both books are way overdue…if my editors see this I swear I’m on it). In the past few years I’ve also published with a smaller regional press with good success. And finally, in the past couple of years, I’ve gone back to my DIY roots and released a number of titles all on my own. It’s been a hustle, and as always I’ve benefited from good help (hat tip in particular to the persistent and professional Ben, who now knows more about ISBNs and independent distribution channels than he ever expected or intended) and word of mouth along the way. In light of all the work we’ve put in, it is especially gratifying to see our latest DIY baby Hunker made the 2022 bestseller list at one of the many indie booksellers still out there doin’ it and doin’ it above and beyond. Thank you readers, and thank you Arcadia Books!

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