Thank You and Keep Wisconsin Warm (and Cool)

The Mascot Theory out there working.

Back here on the farm there is sun on the snow and it’s time to say thank you. Thank you to Erik Kjelland for all the work he puts into the Wisconsin Vinyl Collective project and its work with the Keep Wisconsin Warm (and Cool) fund (helping veterans, elderly, disabled, or working families with young children). The Long Beds have never been on vinyl before, and now we are. You can find the LP here, as well as previous volumes (and non-vinyl versions as well).

Thank you to Erik’s band The Mascot Theory. We just spent three days in a row listening as they ripped through a set that ranged from heart-floating ballads to guitar-driven thumpers that flat rock your face off. More on The Mascot Theory here.

Thank you to Bascom Hill for three nights of super-tight harmonies across a range of songs that took the audience beyond genre and into the moment. More on Bascom Hill here.

Thank you also to the other musicians who joined us along the way: Christopher Gold, Lost Lakes, and Craig Baumann.

And thanks to the Long Beds, who give the music wings while I chug along.

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