Montaigne And Privilege

From the “Roughneck Intersectionality” chapter of Montaigne in Barn Boots. One of the trickiest chapters I’ve ever written. I’d say I’m not sure I got it right, but it’s not about being right, it’s about trying to look in the mirror, ask the questions, and adjust accordingly. Project never ends. This book, I don’t know, it may not be my ticket to fame, but I’m glad I wrote it, glad I wrassled with Montaigne. Just trying to find a way to draw some connections between philosophy and our dirt-level day-to-day. I can’t get any of the “public philosophers” to engage me on it, but I’ve received remarkably heartfelt letters and emails from readers who found hope and resonance in the pages, and I’m sure grateful for that. I dunno. I’m trying to make a living, I’m trying to be a better writer, a better person. We’ve all got our jobs to do. I’m so grateful I’m allowed to do mine.

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