Lots of Reasons To Write

There are lots of reasons to write. Here’s one, a Facebook message I just discovered from several months ago. Name redacted:

Im a firefighter back home in Upstate NY, rural as it comes. I too came up in a small department, joined when i was 17. Im 28 now and firefighting as never left me. Reading your book is like have teleported back home. We too have a Jamboree every July. Been happening since the 50’s. The struggles are the same. Im not trying to piggy back or stay your stories and make them my own. So how i came across your book. Im currently stationed at McMurdo Station Antarctica. Your book happened to be sitting on a self in one of our dorm lounges. Wintering in antarctica is a tough proposition. 5 months of darkness, the same foods over and over. And of course being home sick. Reading your book as reminded me a lot of home, and its helped ease that tension. So i guess what I’m trying to say is thank you. From one rural firefighter to another.

Sitting here all alone in a motel room on another book tour, feeling like I just won some Pulitzer type thing. Thank you, sir.

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