New Mary Cutrufello Music


I always loved listening to Waylon Jennings sing “It’s Not Supposed to Be That Way,” then I became a Dad of daughters and now when that song ain’t makin’ me weep it’s scarin’ me half to death. So glad to hear Mary Cutrufello included it on her latest project, which you can obtain here.

I’m also deeply taken with one on there Mary wrote herself: “On A Sunday in March, 55082” captures so perfectly the mix of hope and ennui we feel in the slushy month that might – or might not – be spring. Plus, bonus points for using the term ‘Sconnie and making it sound pretty.

Some of you will know that now and then Mary is a Long Bed. One of the pleasures of having a band is I get to ask folks I’ve admired for a long, long time to step onstage. Mary is one of those.

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