Ongoing Education of Dad

(All scenes starring one … umm … independently-predisposed very-nearly four-year-old.)

1. A quote, as Mom leaves the driveway on an errand and very-nearly four-year-old is wailing and flailing: “But Mom makes me happier than you do!”

2. A lesson, precipitated by a particularly snappy comeback delivered by the very-nearly four-year-old whilst the family was motoring: If you decide to make good on the ol’ “Don’t make me pull over!” threat, do be sure that after you make your dramatic move to the shoulder of the road but before you leap out and attempt to even-more-dramatically sweep the side door open, that you hit the the master unlock button. When you yank on that handle and it’s locked, the whole production really loses some steam, plus there the whole issue of the dislocated shoulder.

3. Finally, if, as the waiter at the Indian restaurant delivers a basket of piping hot naan bread, the very-nearly four-year-old jumps up and down clapping her hands in joy and says, “Yaaayyy! LEFSE! well then, you know somewhere Mrs. Carlson is smiling.

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