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Bedtime Story

A father’s everlasting gift. Excerpted from Coop. Or Coop. I do these now and then. To be notified when a new one goes up, please subscribe here. The entire “ReWriting”…View post

Singing With My Daughters

Since I’ll be out with the band the next two nights, did a quick recording of “Guitar Girls,” an essay about singing with my daughters that began as a Tent…View post

Raising Them

Writing, rainy. Outside the window, Mama cardinal with two babies. They’re big as her and pecking but still she feeds them. Adolescents.

We Are Always Children

Reading Roxane Gay’s “Bad Feminist,” I respect and resonate with this line from the acknowledgements: I’m hoping my parents don’t read this book, but they are beloved and have made…View post

Song For My Daughters

I wrote this piece after listening to a Brandi Carlile* concert. Today as I pulled away from┬áthe curb after delivering my daughters to school, I thought of it again. I…View post