Gathering Together Apart

Before I send you to this link, I have to qualify a couple of things, especially for those of you aware that I haven’t quite perfected walking on water:

1. The round-trip was much shorter than indicated.

2. The snowstorm was pretty much see-through.

Also, just so I don’t  misrepresent my service, while I am indeed an active member of the local fire department, I am part of the first responder unit (howdy Emergicare crew!) and not currently driving fire trucks.  Although I get to sit in the fire truck at active structure fires, which is not a bad deal when the weather’s hinky.

OK.  That was throat-clearing.  Thank you to Suzanne, who patiently arranged this meeting.  Thank you to Kyle of Amble Down Records who lent his Apple gear, high-speed internet, and office space at an early hour.  Thank you to Alissa, who took care of the details.

But above all, thank you to the members of the book club.  These are folks who gather in unique circumstance, and that they should engage me in such a thoughtful and energetic manner was humbling.  As you can see from Suzanne’s report, the questions were specific and entertaining.  I appreciate having been able to spend a little slice of time in the basement of Bethel Lutheran Church, even as I sat on a couch many snowflakes away…

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