Short Person Holding Her Own

The three-year-old has been showing some real independent thinking lately.  Sigh.

The other morning she wanted to go outside before finishing her breakfast and/or getting dressed.  The situation, umm, escalated.  So I tried to employ the ol’ “choices” ruse.  When I gave her the options, she said, “Those are NOT. GOOD. CHOICES!”  (She was basically correct.)  Then she flung her undies and said, “My choice is to go outside!

It was one of those moments when you wish all those soothing child behavior experts you hear on NPR (and get emails from, trust me) could be present to test their theses.  Because I reckon that when it was all over, they too would plant her on the stairs for a moment of reflection.  And then get ear plugs.

Later in the day, she is in the office with me.  Requests scrap paper and colored highlighters.  I’m happy to provide.  It’s fun to be typing while she’s scribbling away.  She requests a yellow highlighter, a blue highlighter, a green highlighter, and a pink highlighter.

“I only have a yellow highlighter,” I say.

She looks at me quizzically, then says, “But that’s not a good plan…to have only one?

When she’s 18, I’ll be 60.  I’m going with the theory that she will keep me young.  Right now, I need a nap.

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