“Oops” in Person

Spoke at an event in Green Bay and got to meet a guy named Guy, which was fun because thanks to Guy, the new paperback version of Coop contains two less [fewer] errors than the hardcover.

Guy’s a professional, and on page 117 of the Coop hardcover, he suggested the following change:

[an extraneous “is” six lines up from the bottom of the page] This is only forces her…

On page 335 he suggested the following change:

[top line] …often enough now that it sometimes it takes me…

Done, and done.

Thanks, Guy, and nice to meet you the other night.

As regular visitors know, I happily post my oopses.  As long as everyone remains civil.

For a sampling of other errors, flick back and forth through the Oops! tag  pages.

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