It Ain’t Always Twang

Something I like lately, with roots in our own backyard (according to the article, singer Maggie Morrison is from Eau Claire, as are members of her other band, Digitata) (while digging around online I discovered the first and third Digitata records were engineered by Jaime Hansen, the same guy who recorded the Long Beds upcoming album) (more on that – and some music from it – next week) (Jaime had to use a different metronome for our music).

Anyway, this is Maggie in her other project, Lookbook.  Because I am bald, I hear a lot of the ’80s in this music.  This first one, if you’re listening on headphones turned up loud, y’wanna be ready right about 2:06, as your ears will get whomped.  Real good stuff.

Also fascinating to watch them put it together live, as seen here:

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