Not In Front of the Children

Sent an email to my friend Jay Moore at Moose Country radio this morning (where the tagline is: If you [insert goofy jackpine knuckleheaded behavior here] … yer one of us.

The next time I smack my shin on the trailer hitch, I may have to just shut up and take it, because I’m pretty sure I used up my full annual allotment of naughty language during the hour-and-a-half it took me to hook up my “easy-attach” snowplow.

If it’s the blizzard of the decade and it STILL takes you longer to hook up your snowplow than it does to plow your quarter-mile driveway, you might be one of … well, OK, you might be ME.

Then again, if one of the great joys of your life is plowin’ snow with your little snow-suited copilots grinnin’ all gap-toothed beside you in the truck cab, well, then, yer definitely one of us.

It’s just snow, folks.  Let’er buck.

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