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Why I Like the Roughneck Life

Because we don’t think this is goofy, or post-ironic. It’s simply the ride Donny wanted. Friends and family – and Donny – aboard. And a slow ride to the cemetery.…View post

The Rituals of Cold Weather…

…will not kick in for real until the ground is hard as granite, but even now with no snow and relatively warm temperatures*, the days begin with the morning ritual…View post

“Chicken Shack” Video Up

The “Chicken Shack” Video that ran on In Wisconsin recently is now available online (although if your internet connection is anything like mine, it may take forever to load): Watch…View post

Not In Front of the Children

Sent an email to my friend Jay Moore at Moose Country radio this morning (where the tagline is: If you [insert goofy jackpine knuckleheaded behavior here] … yer one of…View post