Still Life in Motel Room

Had some voice trouble last year.  Good news was, I knew a great speech therapist.  Not only did he help me out, we had fun doing it.  Among other things, if you see me driving down the road saying “mmmmmMMMMMMMMWHAHOWAREYOU?” over and over, it’s fine, I’m just workin’ out.  Drive on.

He has also decreed – especially when I’m on the road – that I do morning and evening sessions with a steam inhaler (clearly I am working my way up to diva).  Today as I was leaving the hotel room I saw the steamer sitting there and wondered what someone might think if they came in and didn’t know the backstory.

Just a steamer

So.  To the kind person who delivered clean towels in my absence, no, that’s not an electrified water bong.

Although I know at least three dudes who could totally do the conversion.

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