Swine A-Snoozing

First night we had the pigs, it rained.  A fairly cold rain.  Since this was also the first night the pigs had ever spent outdoors, I worried they wouldn’t know to go in the hutch.  So at around midnight I went out to check, and sure enough they were all stacked up against the outside of the hutch, getting soaked.  One by one I carried them inside the hutch (a big plastic silo cut in half).  Due to the rain, mud and pigginess of the task, when I was done I headed straight for the laundry room and then the shower.  But I slept well knowing they had been tucked under a roof.  And I was rewarded in the morning when I went out to check on them.  First of all, I could hear the snoring (seriously) from twenty feet away.  And then when I poked my head through the door, I was greeted by this sight:

Pigs Snoozing

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