Dew still on the grass before breakfast as 9-year-old and I fed ducks, meat chicks, laying hens, layer chicks, and a couple of most irritating roosters.  Made some new portable poultry panels of which I am inordinately proud.  Couple of tweaks to the pig pen today, pending arrival of porcine boarders tomorrow.  But for now, weeks of paperwork and office things to catch up on indoors, also one is reminded that one has new writing deadlines.  Work.  Glad to have it.

Also.  We had a wonderful time dancing with these folks this weekend.  Dances even a concrete-block-footed clunker like me can do.  Got to dance in an old haymow with my wife and both of my daughters in the company of many friendly faces.  As I wrote in Truck, the Ducks played on our farm the night before our wedding.

And hey — we continue to be proud of this homegrown pal.

Bon Iver Bonaroo

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