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For Emma, Ten Years Ago

Over a decade now since a friend came out of the woods (admittedly within range of a Kwik Trip), handed me a CD, and said let me know what you think. It’s good, I told him, after many listens. You’re growing. Growing in fresh directions. And difficult directions. As you should. And must. But I…View post

Scavengers Inside Joke (Some Say “Bonnie Bear”)

Re-reading The Scavengers as I work on the sequel, and chuckled when I came across this Easter egg insider joke I had forgotten about: Dad goes into the shack to wash up. When he comes back out he’s wearing his favorite T-shirt. “Figured I’d get dressed up for dinner,” he says, and once again it’s good…View post

Population 485 On Stage…Some History

This article in the Isthmus by Andy Moore goes in-depth and personal on some of the history behind putting together the stage version of Population 485, including the first person who told me the book should be a play, and how I holed up in Norb Blei’s chicken coop to get it done. We’ll be taking the play…View post

Eaux Claires Reddit Live This Saturday

The creative team behind Eaux Claires will be doing a reddit AMA this Saturday, April 29 at 10 a.m. CST. Start thinking about your questions for Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver), Aaron Dessner (of The National), Michael Perry (Festival Narrator), and Michael Brown (Festival Creative Director), and see you then: https://www.reddit.com/r/Music/

Eaux Claires Intros, Thank You

(video credit Volume One)   To say more after all that has been said is to risk beating a dead unicorn, so I will simply express one final time my deep gratitude for being included in the recent Eaux Claires festival. For those who requested text of the narration I did to introduce The National on…View post