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Bootlegged Thanks

Thanks for all the “Bootlegged” orders, folks. It’s a lo-fi and on-the-fly live recording of a show the Long Beds and I did at the Big Top. Includes some stories in between songs including the one about me drawing blood from Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) on behalf of Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips) because, I…I…well, sometimes…View post

The Scavengers: Inside the Inside Joke

On page 51 of The Scavengers, Maggie (Ford Falcon) describes her father emerging from the shack wearing his favorite t-shirt, which she describes as blue with an illustration of an old-fashioned door lock on the back, and a key on the front. Later in the book, the blue t-shirt plays a critical role in a significant plot turn. There really is a…View post

Blind Boys of Alabama Album Now Available

The Blind Boys of Alabama have been singing the gospel since the late 1930s. Last winter they gathered in rural Fall Creek with my neighbor Justin Vernon and recorded a new album. The album is officially available today. I’m honored to say I was allowed to write the liner notes for the album. Here is…View post

Blind Boys of Alabama Album News

The video below is for one of the songs included on the new Blind Boys of Alabama album. I’m honored and privileged to say I was allowed to write the liner notes for the album, which will be released September 30. Today, this one is exactly what I needed: