This sorta sums up why I like how things work around here: The same guy who recorded and produced this also recorded and produced this*.  And while the Long Beds and Desolatevoid are unlikely to split the bill on any given Saturday night, we will give each other the farmer nod at the coffee shop or gas station on any given Tuesday.  At the core, it’s not about genre or taste or better or worse, it’s about punching in.  Grab your lunch pail and have at’er.

*Heads up: While there are times (cleaning out the pole barn, doing taxes) when I fancy a little homegrown grindcore, you should not click the link if fast-and-nasty puts you off your feed.  For my part, I spend most of my time mooning around wishing I was Greg Brown or even Patty Griffin.  However, should you find yourself burning an afternoon searching for misplaced receipts, may I recommend “Isolation Embrace” with a “Friend Placebo” chaser?

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