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I’ve said it before, but if you’re ever in the Chippewa Valley, a visit to the Chippewa Valley Museum is worth your mileage.  It’s an unobtrusive structure settled close to the earth beneath big white pines remnant of the lumbering days of yore (that filled nearby Half Moon Lake with sawdust).  Their Farm Life exhibit…View post


This sorta sums up why I like how things work around here: The same guy who recorded and produced this also recorded and produced this*.  And while the Long Beds and Desolatevoid are unlikely to split the bill on any given Saturday night, we will give each other the farmer nod at the coffee shop…View post


Wherever I am standing when I say it, I am from – and of – New Auburn, Wisconsin.  Nothin’ without Nobbern.  And these days I get my mail at the Fall Creek post office (where Shirley knows your name).  But beginning in the fall of 1983 and running right up into the present, the river…View post