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Throwback Backhoe

I used to do some things. Elk Mountain, Wyoming. Somewhere around 1981-1986. Boss sent us out to replace bridges and irrigation spillways. We built a lot of dams and water crossings using factory reject sewage tubing and manhole inspection chambers. The boss had a connection at the concrete plant and he’d buy them by the…View post

You Could Always Hear the River

Elk Mountain, Wyoming. Dad bunked here as a ranch hand in the early 1960s. I bunked here in the early 1980s. Visited last week. Still stands rock solid beside the Medicine Bow River where I dunked my head to begin each day.

Family Rambling

Posting has been light, as I am rambling with my little family, the four of us keeping company and seeing some country in anticipation of a stretch that will have us apart more than together. Seeing a lot of country through the windshield at 75 mph, seeing a lot of country at a walking pace,…View post


Two bands, driving in opposite directions across the same American interstate, manage to pull off a digital meet-up in the middle of nowhere and post a picture: Except that’s not the middle of nowhere. That’s Elk Mountain. I rode roundup and ran fence lines and cut miles and miles of hay at the foot of…View post