Live Events

Took a header off that oil rig in 1982. Tripped on the top step, woke up bleeding on the bottom step. Returned to the scene this weekend and discovered the…View post

Throwback Backhoe

I used to do some things. Elk Mountain, Wyoming. Somewhere around 1981-1986. Boss sent us out to replace bridges and irrigation spillways. We built a lot of dams and water…View post

You Could Always Hear the River

Elk Mountain, Wyoming. Dad bunked here as a ranch hand in the early 1960s. I bunked here in the early 1980s. Visited last week. Still stands rock solid beside the…View post

Family Rambling

Posting has been light, as I am rambling with my little family, the four of us keeping company and seeing some country in anticipation of a stretch that will have…View post


Two bands, driving in opposite directions across the same American interstate, manage to pull off a digital meet-up in the middle of nowhere and post a picture: Except that’s not…View post