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Co-Writing with Geoffrey Keezer

Stood in the wings once and watched this guy go to the stratosphere and back. As he came offstage he said, “That was fun. I’ve never played that song before.”…View post

For Emma, Ten Years Ago

Over a decade now since a friend came out of the woods (admittedly within range of a Kwik Trip), handed me a CD, and said let me know what you…View post

Working Up A Song

I so enjoy building songs. Germ of an idea, a couple chords, see where it goes. Even if, say, all you got’s a half a verse and a chorus line,…View post

Knowing Your Place

Y’noodle around, D-A-G, y’figure maybe you’ll write a song, then y’listen to┬áJason Isbell, think, Well, maybe I could do finger paints.