A Small Big Top Moment

Late last Sunday afternoon before performing at Big Top Chautauqua, I donned my running gear and ran straight up the face of Mount Ashwabay.  Just about hurled a lung, but made it.  Turned at the very tip-top, and was rewarded with a many-miles view of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands in the sun, and down at the foot of the ski hill, the blue and pearl-gray tent waiting patiently for the evening’s ticketholders to file in.  The sound of the Blue Canvas Orchestra in rehearsal floated up on the breeze.  I drank it all in, and thought too of my family at home.  Made me feel lonesome and privileged all at once.  Running down the hill, I followed a trail of soft red sand that wove through the trees, everything quiet under the cover of leaves.

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