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Old Guys Surrender the Jukebox

Debuting a new piece with Geoffrey Keezer at the Eau Claire Jazz Festival this Friday and Saturday (schedule and ticket info here). Never done anything like this, just me standing…View post

Jazz Festival Tickets

They’ve tuned up the Jazz Festival website, it’s easier to figure out the ticket situation. Very eager for this event as it is so different from what I’m used to…View post

Jazz Words

Looking forward to debuting piece I cowrote with Geoffrey Keezer for upcoming Jazz Festival in Eau Claire. Ticket info here. I wrote the words, Geoffrey wrote the music, I’ll narrate,…View post

Between Boots and Brains

Great to see Max Garland’s fine work recognized–his poems are bridges built between boots and brains.

Mentor Poet

I like steel-toed boots and canthooks and 30-06s and camo caps and stock car racing and feeding pigs in the mud and fire trucks and football and the smell of…View post