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More Bruce Taylor

When I am deep into writing a book, I return to certain reliable sources, poetry among them. And so deep in the muddy vortex of stubborn prose I was relieved…View post

New Poetry from C. Dale Young

Poet C. Dale Young has a new collection out. Torn contains this poem, which I first heard when it was delivered by Young at an evening reading in Vermont. I…View post

Bruce Reading Poems

Friend, mentor, and I-wouldn’t-be-doing-what-I’m-doing-today-if-not-for-him guy Bruce Taylor (featured in Truck) had his poem featured on The Writer’s Almanac Sunday. Poem’s called “His Good Felt Hat” and it’s right here. Here…View post

A Poet and Pork

A friend forwarded this video of the poet Kevin Young reading four selections.  Last Saturday we had a whole crew of kin over to the place for a meal that…View post