Montaigne Podcast

This was a most enjoyable conversation with a host who was thoughtful, engaged, and prepared. We discussed the books Montaigne in Barn Boots, Population 485, and more:

  • Why we see ourselves in Montaigne when we read The Essays
  • How Montaigne shares his curiosity about the world with us
  • How Montaigne can help us survive in a politically divided world
  • What we learn about ourselves by reading Montaigne
  • Why it’s important to contemplate death (at least a tiny bit) every day
  • Why Montaigne is more about opportunities to be explored than systems to be followed
  • How Montaigne changed Michael Perry’s life for the better

Listen here.

P.S., I realized after the fact that I’m 55, not 56. My own kids helped me with the math.

P.P.S., if this is your first visit, my other books are here and my “Voice Mail” mini-podcast is here.




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