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I Knew The Poet Laureate When…

This Nickolas Butler profile (read it here) of Wisconsin Poet Laureate Nicholas Gulig made me feel old in the best way…took me back to being the farm kid writing bad…View post

Jeffrey Foucault Live

Twenty years of notes and emails and near-misses, finally got to see Jeffrey Foucault live last night. Was everything I hoped. Man’s music has fueled and informed so many of…View post

Local Work

Signed all these “Forty Acres Deep” books two weeks ago, then a week later had to sign several more stacks because the ones in the photograph were all gone. We…View post

Slippin’ On Down the Line

Twenty years ago, after “Population 485” came out, a reader appliqu├ęd cows on these slippers and mailed them to me. They have been in my writing room ever since. Today,…View post