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Dadbod Writer Fitness Influencer

I like to sit and write, so I gotta get up and run. What I said at the end there, was basically, “Ohmmf Ngsnrx puff mmph gahf, heave.”

Laundromat Books

Copy-pasted this a while back and now can’t remember where I saw it written (in a review, maybe? or a social media comment?), but thank you to this reader, and…View post

Writing With Scissors

Because someone emailed and asked, I’m re-upping these pics. Here’s how I explained myself: After 30 years and all sorts of apps and WordPerfect and Word and Scrivener and digital…View post

I Knew The Poet Laureate When…

This Nickolas Butler profile (read it here) of Wisconsin Poet Laureate Nicholas Gulig made me feel old in the best way…took me back to being the farm kid writing bad…View post