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Blowhard Pup

Dad made his farm equipment last mainly thanks to two simple rules: Grease it, and store it beneath a roof. Part of that process included blowing all the moisture-gathering chaff…View post


Sometimes even as a soft-handed farm boy you just gotta fail the Artificial Intelligence test out of principle. THAT AIN’T A TRACTOR. Also as a farm boy there’s a reason…View post

Blaze Orange Montaigne

That’s the hat on the cover of Montaigne in Barn Boots. Me* and my mustache were younger when this picture was taken. *Spare me yer notes it’s how I talk when…View post

I Mean, I’m No Logger, But…

As important as it is to wear one of these, it is even more important to raise the face shield before hawking a loogie. So disappointed in myself.