Roof Rake is Probably A Regional Term, Eh?

Ha! Based on my most recent posts, everybody keeps telling me to get a roof rake. Dude, I’m from Wisconsin, I have an ASSORTMENT of roof rakes. But our main shed is gigantic, roof rake won’t touch it. It was built back when the place was a full-size operational farm. Plus it’s tucked into a hillside in such a way that it’s basically a drift magnet. Last time we had snow like this, hired two fellows who clear roofs on a regular basis and they gave up on it. I’m also aware of the amazing rope-saw trick, but I fear size, logistics and pitch preclude it. Anyways, the shed’s still┬ástanding. I got the roof half-clear with the torpedo heater trick, should be able to finish the job during window of above-freezing temps in the next 48 hours before we get MORE DANG SNOW. P.S. some of the advice I get is priceless: “If you end up climbing the roof to shovel it off don’t forget about the skylight panels like I did years ago, they will not hold 24 inches of snow AND a human.”

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