Gas It Up

The mix of folks who read my books and attend my shows is reflected in the gifts they share: Homemade preserves; a carburetor for a 1951 International; cookies, lotsa cookies; vintage belt buckles; a plumb bob; work gloves; homemade leather coasters, koozies, and dice cups; ammunition; artwork; knitting; afghans; nice pens; notebooks; KINDNESS. And that’s just off the top of my head as quick as I could type it. But this was a first: When they heard I’d be performing in Green Bay, the fellows at LP+ invited me to swing by and try out their new drive-through LP refilling station. Most of the time I have to politely decline offers like this because of our schedule or other specifics, but in this case it was just a couple blocks away, and by coincidence I had two empty tanks sitting in the garage beside the mighty tour van. So I brought’em along, and not only got’em filled but inspected and cleaned up, as well. I’m not their “influencer,” they were just kind enough to make the offer. I thank them, and wish them luck in their endeavors. (They said they get overrun around deer hunting season, so swing by early!)


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