All About Not About Me

Aaron and Tony making a move. photo credit: Lee Butterworth

No getting around it, a lot of what we (mostly “I” but also “we” and that’s what I’m about to discuss here) post on social media is about me/Mike and selling books and promoting gigs and that’s because that’s the family business and we’re grateful to be in it and if you want the lumber you gotta log, or somesuch homespun hoo-hah from yrs trly, BUT: I post today’s photo in an attempt to convey how every day, every step of the way, and despite the fact that I don’t hit town in a big shiny tour bus (totally into that, just working out the budget) or a fleet of semis or a squad of advance people or a swarm of followers, over the course of a year I benefit constantly from the kindness and assistance and professionalism and dedication and preparation of countless people–some for a minute, some for years, some once, some time and time again. One of my favorite T-shirts says “Love the Band, Thank The Crew.” The photo above was taken before the event at the Local Store the other night. It shows Local Store employee Matt and my friend and merch genius Tony removing the podium I said I needed then decided I didn’t. I want this picture to stand as acknowledgement and thanks to everyone who lends, and has lent, a hand over the course of all these years and however much longer I’m allowed to do this.


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