Countless Kindnesses

Mostly I roll in my van alone, mostly I just plug away, mostly I never require crowd control or choppers to get me in and out of gigs, mostly I am playing in the minor leagues, but there are times I am reminded that even at my “level” I will never be able to personally thank everyone who has earned my thanks for keeping our little production in production. These four photos from the recent event at the Shawano Public Library are a perfect example. Months before I showed up for my hour at the microphone, folks were organizing, scheduling, publicizing, setting up book displays, and doing sixty different things I’ll never know about, right down to choosing the fowl fabric and ordering a truck cake. If you’re one of those folks, if you’ve filled a seat at one of these events, if you’ve taken time to sit quietly alone with one of my books or a song, if you’ve led a discussion with a group, if you’ve done me a good turn of which I will never know, thank you. There are not millions of you, but there are a couple thousand of you, and I don’t take a single one for granted.

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