From the Little Writing Room Over the Garage: Mike Reads “The Jesus Cow” and OOPS.

Jeepers this was supposed to be a simple sampling of The Jesus Cow. Then I messed up the Stations of the Cross anecdote. Then I messed up the explanation of how I messed up the Stations of the Cross anecdote. Then it was really pretty much bedtime so I didn’t want to re-shoot it. So I left it as it was, and now, having had time to gather my scattered wits, here’s the deal: Neighbor Ginny did indeed go through all the parts of the manuscript where I wrote about Catholic services, customs, settings, etc., and left me a whole bunch of pink Post-It notes wherever I got something wrong. Somehow the Post-It about their being fourteen Stations of the Cross escaped my attention and my error (I only had twelve stations…I think I had disciples on the brain) slipped through into the book. I know it’s in the hardcover and the Kindle version, not sure about the paperback nor do I recall if I got it corrected for the audiobook.

But then while replaying tonight’s video I realized I said Ginny made a joke about how long it takes to observe the Stations of the Cross–except that joke doesn’t work because it’s based on my having said there were fourteen and her changing it to twelve. And then I realized she had made that joke about another scene in which I had a character emerging from a specific service in far less time than it actually takes. Somehow I conflated all of this and got it twisted.

I’ll never make it in politics. I can’t even keep my true stories straight.

Anyways, here’s the original explanation, and after you’ve watched the “Oops!” portion of tonight’s video, perhaps you’ll enjoy all my other “Oopses” (some funny, some not) in one spot.

The Jesus Cow is available in audio, hardcover, paperback, and eBook.

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