Facebook Stream Tonight

Tonight at 7 pm Central time, I’m going to try to live stream some songs and stories on Facebook for 45 minutes or so. A lot of this depends on the state of our “hinternet.” Here’s the link with more info.

We’re all fighting a headwind these days. My first invitation is for us to simply share a little time together. I’ve been getting messages asking if there was a way to slide a couple bucks into the tip jar. We’re a self-employed family. The cancellations and disruptions in my touring have certainly put a crimp in things, so I will be adding that option soon. But others in my backyard are facing far more dire circumstances. So for now I’d rather point you to the terrific folks at Feed My People Food Bank and also ask you to consider the Chippewa Valley Artists Relief Fund here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/cv-artist-relief-fund.

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