From the Little Writing Room Over the Garage: Mike sings A Trucker Song

Song’s actually called “How Many Miles.” Written in honor of my Uncle Stan. This version will drive the bass player nuts. Also Evan, who wants me to count rather than keep time by intuition. Listen to the end for the interruption.

From the album “Headwinded,” available here.

NOTE: Since I’ve been posting the daily “From the Little Writing Room Above the Garage” posts, I’ve been getting messages asking if there was a way to slide a couple bucks into the tip jar. The answer is yes, and in some instances I will post a link to that effect, but not today. We’re a self-employed family. The cancellations and disruptions in my touring have certainly put a crimp in things. But we also have a place to live, food on the table, projects in the hopper, and some options. Others in my backyard are facing far more dire circumstances. So for now I’d rather point you to the terrific folks at Feed My People, and also ask you to consider the Chippewa Valley Artists Relief Fund set up by the above-average souls at Ambient Inks (if you order anything from the Sneezing Cow store, the Ambient Inks crew selects, packs, and ships it).

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