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From the Little Writing Room Over the Garage: Mike sings A Trucker Song

Song’s actually called “How Many Miles.” Written in honor of my Uncle Stan. This version will drive the bass player nuts. Also Evan, who wants me to count rather than keep time by intuition. Listen to the end for the interruption. From the album “Headwinded,” available here. NOTE: Since I’ve been posting the daily “From…View post

Long Beds on the Radio

Between 7:30 p.m. CST and midnight tonight, there will emanate from a tower in the tall pines of northern Wisconsin the sound of WOJB‘s “Folkways” program which this time around will include some music by the Long Beds and our labelmates Cranes and Crows.  You can listen here.

Between the Books and the Music

Sometimes people ask me if the books and the music are connected.  Sometimes, yep.  Amble Down Records compiled the following summary describing the connections from the Tiny Pilot album: – The opening verse of “Edge of Town” is set on the highway overpasses described on pages 99-104 of Population 485: Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren…View post