Redneck Reconsidered

Grateful to my friend Phil for this post. Nervous about it, too, because I know many of my friends, neighbors, and acquaintances don’t feel the same about this particular word. I can take it. I got enough work to do just keeping myself straight. Pieces like this are part of that. As I say in the intro to the book, I’m trying to write as Montaigne did, “in terms of exploration rather than declaration.” I wish to communicate with those who approach conversation with something less than a steamroller. Anyways, it’s out there in ink, so here it is in electrons (click to second photo for text):

Michael Perry’s new work “Montaigne In Barn Boots” is phenomenal. I’ve known Mike my whole life and in that sense I’ve been there since the beginning, but later in my 20’s got to share in parts of his journey and build an honest friendship. Now we’re both dads. What a privilege it is to witness anyone build something over time, to age with integrity and distill life’s big open questions. The most inspiring thing to me as an artist, is seeing other artists challenge themselves and push forward into unknowns, especially later in life when most are seeking familiarity and predictability. Even to uncomfortable places, as Mike somehow does so eloquently in this new book. Way to go, old friend. #montaigneinbarnboots

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