What Is A “Tween” Book?

The Scavengers is the first “tween” (or “middle-grade”) book I’ve written. What is a “tween” book? Well, the publisher tells me it’s intended for “pre-teens,” generally defined as 8-12 year olds. Certainly Maggie–the protagonist–falls within that demographic, and I did write with that audience in mind, I hope to some good effect.

However: My ideal “tween” reader is someone between 9 and 90, give or take a few years on either end. The humor, the anger, the dilemma, the hope, the yarn running through The Scavengers is simply my best attempt to write a story that will keep readers turning the pages no matter their age.

I mean, there is at least one snot joke, but who doesn’t like a good snot joke?

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