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Quiet Joy

“Joy” is a tricky word for me because I’m not a skippity-bippity jump-for-joy kinda guy. But I welcome quiet joy, and I felt that when someone shared the above photos with me. There are a lot of reasons to write. I am drawn and driven to do it. I also do it to keep the…View post

From the Little Writing Room Over the Garage: Mike Reads “The Scavengers” intro

In which we meet Ford Falcon and Hatchet the rooster. The Scavengers available in hardcover, paperback, audio and ebook. NOTE: Since I began posting the “From the Little Writing Room Above the Garage” entries, I’ve been getting messages asking if there was a way to slide a couple bucks into the tip jar. The answer…View post

Michael Perry Invented BitCoin and Blockchain

Was re-reading The Scavengers while working on the sequel, and discovered I may have invented BitCoin and blockchain: We call these numbers BarterBucks. After the Bubbling, money was worthless. A lot of the banks were robbed and looted, but it didn’t do the thieves any good because the money wasn’t useful for much more than starting…View post

Thank You, Young, Old, and In Between

Sometimes I hit stretches where there are so many deadlines, so many miles to travel, so many home and work duties, and so little time, that I get a tad whiny, short of breath, and borderline surly. Then someone shares a photo like this–a young reader I’ve never met, in a hammock with The Scavengers during…View post

Scavengers Paperback Now Available

  Now in paperback…and all copies ordered through Sneezing Cow store are signed by Mike. Her family gone missing, Maggie (AKA: Ford Falcon!) is on a quest to rescue them. Armed with a SpitStick, a ToothClub, an attack rooster named Hatchet, and the poems of Emily Dickinson, Maggie battles GreyDevils, Solar Bears, a pair of creepy goofball bad…View post