Never Enough Thank-Yous

Odd to be hunkered down working on the NEXT-NEXT book three weeks before the NEXT book is out, but that’s how it works (and already a bunch of material assembled for the NEXT-NEXT-NEXT book) and what I’m doing for every blank hour on the calendar. For those of you who’ve emailed, I read every single one but reply-wise have pretty much lost control of that avalanche, will try to regroup at some point. As always, I find it difficult if not impossible to sufficiently convey my gratitudeā€¦so many of you out there acting individually so that I can keep doing something I love and pay for braces and hair products (one look at my author photos and you know neither is for me). Also very grateful that over the past two weeks our little family did have a chance to pack up the fambulance (currently short one hubcap) and visit some far-flung friends and family. So thank you, and see y’down the road.

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