What Is the Opposite of Embedded?

For most of my book tours, I stay at your basic Super 8-style motels. There are exceptions, as when I’m in a big city and a more central location is beneficial. And although my publisher very kindly offers to pre-book my hotels, I generally prefer to do it myself on the fly, in case I decide to drive all night or there is some other logistical advantage that develops. Also, after a day of locating radio stations and bookstores and other stops, a pre-booked hotel is just one more place you have to find. Easier to just pull off the interstate and grab a room.

So. All that to provide context for this:

I have a break today before heading home tomorrow. That means today is a day for going through receipts, writing thank-you notes, catching up on email, sorting through all the gifts and books and odds and ends that have accumulated in the car. As such, it’s one time when I can use a touch more workspace than the standard modest motel room provides. So yesterday I went online and looked for something reasonably priced but including a desk or somesuch. Found a great deal on a suite-type setup that includes a dining room table where I can spread out my stuff to sort and work. Best part? It was only $10 more than the average Super 8 room. So I pounced.

Arrived. Carted all my stuff up from the car. Big spacious room, well-lit, and yep, a dining room table. Emptied everything out on the table, got to work. Coffee, happy as a clam. Bedtime rolls around. And then I realize something is missing.

There is no bed.

Kinda missed that on the website pics, I reckon. It’s one of those rooms intended for meetings, or for family events in which everyone has their own room but wants a central gathering place.┬áNow that price begins to make a little more sense.

There is a couch. Didn’t sleep half bad…

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