Losing Satellites

To the person who handed me the note about “Losing Satellites” after my recent speaking event, I don’t know what to say other than peace, strength, and thanks. Sometimes I try to be serious, sometimes I try to be funny, sometimes I just write out on a limb. Never any idea how it might be received, humbled because I know I can’t always live up to my own work. Thank you for listening, and thank you for the kind words.

Losing Satellites


When the last star is gone
It’s darkest before the dawn
And I’m calling
Baby hold on.

I dreamed of a satellite
One that was set right
To relay
All your little heartbeats.

From out in the Pleiades
Down to my bended knee
Little one
I’m so all alone

And in the cold light of day
As the fog burns away
You fade

You hung a dress on the line
Just before the last time
When the wind blows
I see you slow dance

Why is it the worst of me
Seems to get the best of me
I put out my hand


Little bits of history
Little bits of you and me
Fire in the sky
the last light of day

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