Grandma Officially 100

So over a year ago my wife and her cousin began planning their grandmother’s 100th birthday party. That’s a tricky thing, you know. And the closer it got…I have been wearing out my favorite joke, which is that it was similar to baseball, when a pitcher has a no-hitter going: you are not allowed to talk about it.

But Saturday dawned and Grandma joined us, faculties and sense of humor intact. Such a few days, family in from all over, everyone pitching in with the cooking and cleaning and just the whole operation in general…memories, tears, laughter, the whole dang works. I think my favorite moment was watching the great-great-grandchildren (including my two daughters) all lined up before Grandma, singing a German folk song (in phonetic German). One day when they can understand what joy they brought her…and how much life she has seen…

Upshot? I married into a fabulous bunch.

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