On the Radio This Morning/Singing Tonight

Yesterday morning while standing in my little room over the garage looking out at a living landscape of sun-fired hoar frost, I did a phone interview with Susan Littlefield for the “Inside Ag” program.  The interview will air in a couple of installments, the first of which can be heard here (or here) at 8:30 a.m. CST.  We had a nice chat and I found out Susan has kin-in-laws up Turtle Lake way.  And I went to school with some Littlefields.

Tonight I’ll be hauling my International Guitar over to the Red Parrot to play some of my songs with Sue Orfield and her crew.  We rehearsed in a garage the other night (a Wisconsin garage with a heater that blows like the Devil’s own hairdryer).  See y’there, if yer there.

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