Such Delight on My Daughter’s Face

When I handed her a signed copy of Ingrid Law’s Scumble the other morning.  Ingrid and I met a year or so ago at an event where she kindly signed a copy of her very popular Savvy for the same daughter.  I admit it’s good to be in a line of work where one can bring home the occasional personalized gift of this nature for one’s tots (the younger daughter received a children’s story and coloring book, both gifts received during a recent road session).

Still, it would be difficult to top my friend Al.  He once interviewed Mel Blanc and was able to bring home a tape on which Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky the Pig and a passel of other members of the cartoon pantheon spoke to Al’s children by name.

Seriously, that’s Dad of the Year stuff.

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